White’s Library

How did Taylor White conduct the research that informed his collection? Below are listed the citations of several books we believe he would have consulted

Albin, Eleazar, et al. A Natural History of Birds : Illustrated with a Hundred and One Copper Plates, Curiously Engraven from the Life. London : Printed for the author and sold by William Innys in St. Paul’s Church yard, John Clarke under the Royal-Exchange, Cornhill, and John Brindley at the King’s Arms in New Bond-Street, 1734.

Aldrovandi, Ulisse. Ornithologiae., v.3. Bononiae: Apud Franciscum de Franciscis Senensem, 1637.

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Belon, Pierre. L’histoire de La Nature Des Oyseaux, Avec Leurs Descriptions, & Naïfs Portraicts Retirez Du Naturel ; Escrite En Sept Livres. —. G. Cavellat, 1555.

Brisson, Mathurin-Jacques. Méthode contenant la division generale des animaux en IX classes. Chez Cl. Jean-Baptiste Bauche, 1756.

Brisson, Mathurin-Jacques. Ornithologie. Chez Cl. Jean-Baptiste Bauche, 1760.

Brown, Patrick. The Civil and Natural History of Jamaica. Printed for the author, and sold by T. Osborne and J. Shipton in Gray’s-Inn, 1756.

Catesby, Mark. The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands. 1731.

Edwards, George, et al. A Natural History of Birds: The Most of Which Have Not Hitherto Been Figured or Described …: Containing de Representations of  Thirty-Nine Birds … Sixteen Cooper-Plates, Which the Figures of Many Curious … Anmals …: Part IV. Printed for the author, at the College of Physicians in Warwick-Lane, 1743.

Frisch, Johannes Leonard. Vorstellung der Vögel in Teutschland. Frisch, 1733.

Gessner, Conrad. Historiae animalium : Liber III qui est de avium natura. 1555.

Jonstonus, Joannes. Historia naturalis de quadrupetibus libri. 1650. 

Linné, Carl von. Amoenitates academicae. Holmiae et Lipsiae: Apud Godofredum Kiesewetter, 1749.

Linné, Carl von. Systema Naturae: Regnum Animale: Editio Decima. Impensis Direct. Laurentii Salvii, 1758.

Linné, Carl von. Systema Naturae: Editio Duodecima. Impensis direct. Laurentii Salvii, 1766.

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Reaumur Rene-antoine Ferchault De, and Zollman Philip Henry. “VI. Divers Means for Preserving from Corruption Dead Birds, Intended to Be Sent to Remote Countries, so That They May Arrive There in a Good Condition. Some of the Same Means May Be Employed for Preserving Quadrupeds, Reptiles, Fishes, and Insects, by M. de Reaumur, F. R. S. and Memb. Royal. Acad. Sc. Paris. Translated from the French by Phil. Hen. Zollman, Esq; F. R. S.” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, vol. 45, no. 487, Jan. 1748, pp. 304–20, doi:10.1098/rstl.1748.0034.

Seba, Albertus. Locupletissimi Rerum Naturalium Thesauri. Apud J. Wetstenium, & Gul. Smith, & Janssonio-Waesbergios, 1734

Sloane, Hans. A Voyage to the Islands Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christophers and Jamaica, vol. 2. 1725